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If you have a question about Tux Racer, please check our FAQ first -- your question might appear there.

Otherwise, you have two options:

  • Subscribe to the mailing list for Tux Racer users, tuxracer-main, and send your question to the list. It's quite likely that other users have had the same problem as you, so there's a very good chance of getting an answer to your question there. (The Tux Racer developers also monitor this list, though we don't always have time to respond.)

    The list is archived, so you should check the archives for an answer to your question before sending a message to the list.

    Subscribing is easy (follow this link). Note that you MUST be subscribed in order to send mail to the list, and you MUST use the same email address that you used to subscribe when you post to the list.

  • You can also email with your question. We are very busy and receive lots of email, so we cannot guarantee an immediate reply (you'll very likely get a faster response on the mailing list).

Please Note! When submitting a bug report, please be specific and provide information about your system. As of Tux Racer version 0.61, the game has the ability to generate a "diagnostic log" that you can send with your question/bug report. To generate the log, set the write_diagnostic_log variable to true in the Tux Racer options file (it's at the end of the file). A file called diagnostic_log.txt will be generated the next time that you run the game. If you are reporting a crashing bug or similar problem, you should run the game to recreate the bug and then attach the resulting diagnostic log to your bug report.

Thanks in advance for making our lives much easier!